Name:        Has Yuen                

Company:  Supreme Asia Pacific Limited        

Job title:     Director       


1: Can you introduce your company & share a brief history of the business?

Supreme Asia Pacific Limited (SAPL) is an experienced provider of Quality Assurance services since 1995. It's our mission to offer our clients a professional, efficient and cost effective service We are specialized in Home appliance, Consumer product, Office Stationery, Hardware, Toys etc. Currently we have 12 qcs in China, they are based in most area of China, Dongguan Guangdong Province, Jiaxing Zhejiang Province, Qingdao Shandong Province We  make sure whether you have bought the right products, we verify whether the products are according to your standard or request, before it will be shipped.   


2: What is your role in the business?

I am one of the owners, together with my brother Piet. SAPL is a truly family business. I am based in JiaXing, Piet is based in Hong Kong and together we manage all operations.


3: In which country/ countries do you operate?

China/ Taiwan/Vietnam/Thailand


4: What are the biggest challenges in each of these markets?

Insecurity whether your business has been well communicated, possibility of miscommunication. As a result of this you get quality issues. 


5: How does SAPL overcome these issues?

Through our well trained colleagues and well implemented procedures, we have a good overview of the products you have ordered.  We provide you with inspection, audit reports, so you can know, almost see, whether your goods are okay to be shipped.


6: What is the relation with Optima Global GmbH?

The MD of Optima Global (Mathijs) is a good friend of the owners of SAPL, and their business relation and friendship goes back many years. They met when Mathijs was working in the freight forwarding industry in China.  


7: What services can you offer to customers of Optima Global GmbH?

Our service includes:Product Sourcing Factory Audit (FA),Pre-Production Check (PPC),During Production Inspection (DUPRO),Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI),100% inspectionContainer Loading Check (CLC), 


8: What are the advantages for Optima Global GmbH customers to involve your services into their supply chain?

Reliability in the supply chain, and assurance that you receive the quality you expect when your cargo arrives. It is more cost efficient to have people in China taking care of the process for you, than traveling to China yourself for each and every shipment. 


9: Can you share one of your success stories, or a nice anecdote related to your company?

The success is in the approach. Except for being business partners with our customers, we also want to know the people we work with, their approach to the business and how they operate. Business goes further than just a product.The relation with Mathijs started through coffee… every time he was traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou, he would visit us in JiaXing for a coffee. Through this, we got to know each other, we build trust and the business followed. 


10: Any other information you like to share with us Today?

We have Western staff based in China, we speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Dutch, English. Except for the QC, we also help companies with sourcing the right suppliers for their business. 


Supreme Asia is a business partner of Optima Global GmbH. If you are interested in their services, please contact Optima Global with your request: