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Exhibition services

Exhibitions can be stress-full and expensive. Therefore we have a dedicated exhibition service, whereby you can deliver your goods to our warehouse prior to the exhibition, and we arrange the last-mile delivery at the exact time you need your goods at your booth.

No more risks with delays in shipping, expensive airfreights, or cargo being delayed in customs. Simply arrange an economy transport solution and deliver to our warehouse a few days before you need the goods. Build in a buffer in case of shipment,- and/ or customs delays, and you are good to go. Of course, we can also assist with the global shipping, and send the goods back to you after the exhibition.

In case you want to avoid expensive shipping costs & complicated customs processes for brochures and give-away items, you can purchase these online in the EU, and most companies include free delivery within Germany if you purchase with a local company.

Our services:

Last mile delivery to the exhibition

14 days free storage at our warehouse

Global shipping solutions by air, ocean and road

Solutions for customs clearances, temporary imports and re-export

Return service after the exhibition

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